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At La Forma, we are a community of artists rather than a corporation. Our process relies on collaborating with our artists to transform their works in graphic design, sculpture, photography, textiles, and more and recreating them on our garments as an adaptive canvas. We produce our garments in limited small batches and a percentage of each sale goes directly to the artist whose work is featured. Our mission is to create clothing that transforms high-performance apparel into exclusive, wearable art and create a community that is a transparent celebration of those who are a part of this thread. The results? Performing without conforming.



Melanie works out of London. Her catalog of work is characterized by a playful and sophisticated style, that shows a passion for experimental color collisions and textured anomalies. 

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Joe Papagoda is a versatile artist in paint, sculpture, photography—he captures the archetypes of the ages and expresses with compelling insight and bold style.

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Leticia’s work encompasses typography, image manipulation, illustration, painting, and surface design. She lives and works in Istanbul

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Raffaella is a Brazilian designer from São Paulo. She currently lives in Florence, working as a freelancer, in fashion and interior design.

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Sarah Sandman is an artist and designer living in Brooklyn, NY. Her work uses design to create social experiences that bring people together. 

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Jon grew up as an artist and a builder, working in all different mediums of art between film, theater, multimedia, and design.

Sizing chart


 Size Bust
S 30"/32"
L 38"/40"


 Size Waist Hip Inseam
S 26.5" 33.5" 28"
M 28.5" 35.5" 28"
L 30.5" 37.5" 28"


How To Measure