Spotlight: Bethany Henderson

Spotlight: Bethany Henderson

January 06, 2017

Bethany Henderson

Bethany Henderson began her journey with yoga over 10 years ago. She turned to yoga for a few different reasons. She started as a professional watersports athlete in Florida. Always a lover of water and sports, she began competing as a wakeskater, a watersport similar to skateboarding but on the water, in international competitions in 2006. Her lifestyle competing included a few crashes and injuries along the way, and she found yoga as a way to cross-train and prevent injuries on the water.

As she transitioned to a career after University, her life was becoming busier and busier, while she was working as a CPA in Florida. The long work weeks were taking a toll, but yoga helped focus her mind and prepare her to conquer the tasks before her. She began to dive into yoga, practicing yoga asanas and meditation every day, no matter what life threw at her.

“So, it was kind of a strange route to yoga. But, it really helped improve my life.”

A combination of career focus and action sports lifestyle led Bethany to the healing power of yoga. Since her start years ago, she has built a strong, impressive yoga community, inspiring and helping people around her.

Bethany considers her journey to teaching yoga to be unordinary. After a multiple years working in Corporate America, her love for a Swede brought her to make the big move across the pond to Malmö, Sweden. She continued working for a year and then decided to study a Masters degree in Accounting and Management Control, while at the same time beginning to teach yoga at Lund University. She collaborated with an international exchange program to develop a yoga program specifically designed for national and international students. The program was a huge success and even expanded to another regional university. Both of these programs still run at the university today.

After some time with teaching, she felt it was important to expand her knowledge of yoga, and in 2014 she had the opportunity to travel back to the United States and complete a 200-hour teaching program North Carolina. When she returned to Sweden, she worked to incorporate yoga even more so into the local community and was one of the pioneers for bringing English speaking and western style of yoga classes to Southern Sweden.  

She is the founder of beYOGA Sweden, her own company that helps her organize classes and workshops for people in her community. She focuses primarily on working with students, corporate employees and athletes. Her experiences have led her to working with individuals like herself to help improve their way of life. Now, Bethany focuses on developing the international yoga community in Southern Sweden. In September, she opened her very own studio, Yoga Roots Malmö, right in the center of the city. She spends her week teaching yoga at her studio and traveling around to different locations working with different groups of people.

Bethany works to help enhance the lives of the people around her. The corporate world can be exhausting, but Bethany found a way to create balance, thanks to yoga, and her goal is to share her experiences and techniques to maintain balance, stay healthy and happy in and out of the office. Likewise, professional athletes commit their lives to perfecting their technique, which can be demanding on the mind and body, but practicing yoga can help to create mobility and stability and allow them to perform at their peak.

What inspires you?
With the combination of corporate and athletic classes, Bethany has the ability to enhance the lives of so many people. Her diligence and dedication to her practice and teaching has created impressive programs and now, a studio where she can work with others to create a life they love.

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