Listen with La Forma

Listen with La Forma

December 15, 2016

While we do believe in the practice of Mauna (silence) to purify the mind, we can’t help but also believe in the power of music to transform a typical experience on the mat into something more. Music taps into the senses providing the three M’s: meditation, momentum, and movement all necessary to keep you going and help you achieve your ultimate yogi status goals. Inspired by La Forma, take a listen to our playlist of audible art and check out some of our wearable art!

Number 1: Keep the Flow: Inspired by La Forma (softer, calmer)


Number 2: Building Momentum: Inspired by La Forma (more upbeat)

Every routine needs a soundtrack. Whether you are looking to feel the flow with a calm and soft playlist or bring the heat with an upbeat workout playlist, we have you covered. Tune in with us during your next workout to have the ideal workout experience. 

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Sizing chart


 Size Bust
S 30"/32"
L 38"/40"


 Size Waist Hip Inseam
S 26.5" 33.5" 28"
M 28.5" 35.5" 28"
L 30.5" 37.5" 28"


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