Exploring the layers of ENK Shows in New York

by Isabella Tejada September 20, 2016

Tradeshows are the center of opportunity for up and coming fashion brands, and the ENK Shows in New York are no exception. ENK brings new life, opposed to your typical average fashion tradeshow, by creating a one of a kind global marketplace for retailers from around the world.

At ENK shows, experience inspiring designs, targeted markets, and a place where creativity seems endless. If you think I’m joking about the endless part… these shows take up not one, but two levels at Javits Center in New York City. So, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, well, we don’t believe you.

Between the two different levels, ENK offers a wide variety of exciting events, innovative exhibits, and mind-blowing shows. We suggest making a list of everything you want to experience or you might end up a little overwhelmed by your options!

On one level immerse yourself in the environment of the shows that fall under the ENK umbrella. Shows, such as, Edit, Stitch, Accessories: The Show, Moda, Fame, Childrens Club and Sourcing @ Coterie, all cater to their specific markets.

Edit presents for a more contemporary and luxury women’s market focusing on “service, trend resources and fresh perspectives.”

Showcasing an array of designs, Stitch, blends together contemporary, sportswear, lifestyle and international brands for the trendiest selections in the industry.

Accessories: The Show is the center for accessories ranging from the newest trends to refined classics, giving it the title of one of the world’s largest marketplaces for accessories, essentially, ever.

Moda depicts efficiency presenting “ready-to-wear” collections from popular brands.

Focusing on fast fashion and the latest trends, Fame, targets a contemporary market for young people and juniors.

Childrens Club reflects every category of children’s clothing you can think of and offers opportunity for new designers to shine.

Sourcing @ Coterie is a direct connection to factories, fabric providers and manufacturers who specialize in low and high quality production.

On the other level, find Coterie, TMRW, and Sole Commerce. This one might be the best level, and we’re not just saying that because you can find us, La Forma, here!

Though you can find inspiration pretty much anywhere at ENK shows, Coterie is meant for fueling inspiration and discovering trends. In Coterie, find the best selection of women’s apparel and accessories, while learning about the retailers they come from!

TMRW, held within Coterie, is all about future fashion and showcasing new talent, with an eye on tomorrow’s big brands.

Another branch within Coterie, Sole Commerce is for those “sole” searchers. It exclusively features footwear, as well as, handbags.

Now that everything has been laid out, with tons of new designers and brands it’s going to be hard to not find yourself flooding in inspiration and tons of networking opportunities.

At La Forma, we believe in the evolving world of fashion and art and can’t think of a better place to share our passion for both!

See you there!

Isabella Tejada
Isabella Tejada


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