Exclusive New La Forma Artist: Joe Papagoda

Exclusive New La Forma Artist: Joe Papagoda

October 26, 2016

When it comes to art, Joe Papagoda just about does it all. In addition to his diverse background (sculpting, writing, and designing), he tends to focus more on photography and abstract painting. Joe Papagoda’s versatility is undeniable, but he prides himself on the originality and consistency he brings to his work.

A self-taught artist, and creative genius, Papagoda hopes to evoke creative thought and vision in the minds of his viewers. He is able to project his perspective on to pieces to motivate and inspire others. Viewing his artwork is an experience. Your eye travels, your mind explores the thought behind the work, and you gain a better understanding of his piece the longer you admire it. 

His passion allows him to create timeless pieces, each representative extensions of himself. His photography focuses mainly on the lighting between the subject, the light, and the dark. While his acrylic paintings embrace brightness and color, yet still remain and celebrate the simplistic. 

Joe is seeing his share of success with collectors from the United States, Canada, and the UK looking to find his work. He will currently be a part of the group show Twitter Art Exhibit, at the Stratford ArtsHouse, Warwickshire, United Kingdom April 2017 with the possibility of more major shows coming up as well as solo events in the future. 

Now, Joe Papagoda gets to see work channeled into a different art form… fashion. Papagoda and La Forma are teaming up to bring his art to life with a new line launching October 25th.  We, at La Forma, believe in the curious, the creative, the bold, and are so excited to share it with you. 

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Sizing chart


 Size Bust
S 30"/32"
L 38"/40"


 Size Waist Hip Inseam
S 26.5" 33.5" 28"
M 28.5" 35.5" 28"
L 30.5" 37.5" 28"


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