Artist of the Week: Sarah Sandman

by Claudia Wittenberg September 25, 2016
Sarah Sandman

Where do you find your inspiration for your art?

I have two separate directions that inspire my art. One is political, social and environmental causes in which I create experience that bring people together to collectively communicate and amplify our shared voice. Another, to counter the social practice work, is inspired by the natural world and the peace of mind that it offers my cluttered, urban life style. Trips to upstate New York allow meditative space to represent abstraction of nature's beauty. 

What excites you about using clothing as a canvas for art?

I love La Forma's offering of clothing as canvas. It's an extremely innovative way to bring my abstractions of nature into the fashion that we wear in while exploring natural beauty. 

How do you work out/exercise? What do you love about it?

I'm a long distance runner. Like drawing and painting it is my other meditative practice. In both, I find internal solitude and peace in repetition. 

Sarah Sandman Collection



Do you find any connections between your pursuits in fitness and your pursuits in your art?

I think my answer above addressed this question as well.  

What inspired you to make this piece or what is the story behind this piece?

The particular artwork represented in this piece is the waves of the Appalachian Mountains which have become my quite respite over the years.   

What is your artistic process?

Again, my process is two-fold. I generate performative social pieces that speak to my values. My abstract work, as represented in my La Forma piece comes from hours of sketching in nature's respite.

Do you have any upcoming shows that you would like us to promote?

I am currently working on jumpsuits with printed patterns of bricks to build human walls around Trump properties in New York, Chicago, LA and Miami! To be announced in the next coming months! 


Check out the Sarah Sandman Collection here:

Claudia Wittenberg
Claudia Wittenberg


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