Artist of the Week: Melanie Moon

Artist of the Week: Melanie Moon

June 29, 2016
Melanie Moon
Where do you find your inspiration for your art?
I am constantly being inspired by the world around me, through my travels and experiencing different cultures and traditional textile methods, in nature, minerals, light, form, shadows, reflections, Architecture and composition. Print really is everywhere!
What excites you about using clothing as a canvas for art?
It is always exciting to see my prints come to life in a garment! It is even more wonderful to see people happy and feel good wearing the clothing my prints feature on. It's a great way to express myself and show a little visual and insight into who I am. 
The most exciting part is when someone has chosen it to help direct them where to go in their collection.. be it be for colour or pattern.. It's wonderful to be apart of something and to see it progress.
How do you work out/exercise? What do you love about it?
I love nothing more than to be by the sea and outside in the wilderness.. whether it's my daily cycle / walk into my studio in London or exploring the forrest on the weekends. It completely re-fuels me and sets me up for the week. I grew up by the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia, and miss it so much! so whenever I have the opportunity to take a trip to the ocean I'm the first one in the water!
Yoga is also a big part of my week... Living in a busy city like London and working in the print design / fashion industry that is equally as busy, it's so important for me to find some stillness, my own time and to be in the moment.
There are a couple of fun! TBC & weights classes I also love to do.. Nice to mix up the calm with the fast pace sweat! classes.
Melanie Moon Collection
Do you find any connections between your pursuits in fitness and your pursuits in your art?
One couldn't live without the other :)  Like my art, exercise offers me so much! freedom and opens my mind up to new and exciting possibilities and turns in the road. 
There are constant new discoveries and unexpected adventures like in my work. In both my fitness and my art I like to be as exploratory as possible and keep developing and honing my skills.. Always growing and discovering new things. 
Keeping fit fuels the adventure - my explore, and gives me the energy and clarity I need to develop new ideas each day. 
What inspired you to make this piece or what is the story behind this piece?
The artwork of mine La forma has chosen was developed after I made a trip home to Australia. I am constantly wow!d by natures natural beauty and just loved! the different colours of the pebbles in the rock pools down the beach and how they change shapes and warp under water and in the light. This artwork of mine was an ode to home and the wild unexpected beauty you can discover if you just take a look.  
What is your artistic process?
I go exploring and have some time out to gather my inspiration before developing a trend / mood and colour board to help direct me. 
Once I have the beginnings of a story I start drawing, or painting and developing different marks and motifs with lots of different mediums in colour 7 back and white before scanning it all in and onto my Mac. 
I use photoshop to piece together the different elements to start to develop my compositions and hone and colour-up the artwork. I always have a point of direction to begin with, but sometimes the design process has a mind of it's own... as you design and piece things together, it's only when you start layering and shifting and tweaking that you see interesting combinations and things start to take shape. It's very exploratory and quite an organic process. I love it!
Although I also love and appreciate the computer, my pen tablet and technology... For me it is just a tool to assist.. I really do enjoy developing everything by hand prior to it becoming digital. I'd never want to let the computer take over. Luckily textiles is an industry that I think (hope) will always have a place for traditional hand worked artwork.
Do you have any upcoming shows that you would like us to promote?
I am in the midst of an exciting project that will be launched in the new year... so watch this space! if you keep checking out my website you can subscribe too for news and updates

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