Artist of the Week: Letícia Tescaro

Artist of the Week: Letícia Tescaro

June 28, 2016

Letícia Tescaro

Where do you find your inspiration for your art?

My main source of inspiration comes from nature. I love to photograph plants and landscapes and look through books about animals. I am also a big admirer of traditional print techniques and folk patterns from different cultures.

What excites you about using clothing as a canvas for art?

When designing a print for clothing, I like to imagine it becoming a part of someone’s wardrobe. I like to think of the combinations he or she will make with the piece, and how it will express a part of their individuality. One of the best parts of the process comes later on when I actually get to see people wearing the prints I make.

How do you work out/exercise? What do you love about it?

My favourite kind of exercise is walking and running outside. I also love to swim in the sea. Both of these activities give me a sense of freedom and make me feel as if I’m not actually exercising, but just exploring nature.

Do you find any connections between your pursuits in fitness and your pursuits in your art?

Yes, in both my exercise routine and in my art I like to explore the unknown. While exercising I like to walk through new and different paths each time I go out, and in my art I always try to discover new techniques to achieve a certain result. This might mean using different inks, media, or digital processes.

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What inspired you to make this piece or what is the story behind this piece?

This print was inspired by a traditional Japanese technique of tie-dye called Shibori. I wanted to bring the beautiful irregularity of textures from this technique into a contemporary version that displays indigo tones on a pure white surface.

What is your artistic process?

I always start my work with trend research, in which I try to amass a few subjects and images that inspire me. I then gather these references into a colour palette and a mood board. From then on I make rough sketches of the collection overview and experiment with textures and techniques, both manually and digitally. When I’m happy with my initial designs I place them on mock ups of clothes in order to have a better idea of the size and final look of the print. I then collect all the mock ups together to form an overview of the whole print collection. Towards the end I make small adjustments regarding detail and colours if necessary.



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