2016 Surf Expo: Why Surfing and Yoga are a match made in heaven

2016 Surf Expo: Why Surfing and Yoga are a match made in heaven

September 12, 2016

As we find ourselves in the midst of the 2016 Surf Expo in Orlando, we can’t help but reflect on the synergies between our surfing and yogi endeavors. Here are three of the major reasons why surfers are incorporating yoga into their lives.

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  1. Breathing
  • The yoga exercise “Pranayama” focuses on the controlling of breath. This exercise is helpful in training breathing patterns and learning to hold breath longer especially when surfing and managing energy draining motions in the water, such as paddling out and hitting rough waters.


  1. Strength and Flexibility
  • Yoga practice helps someone build both strength and flexibility. Finding a solid position on the board and taking on strong waves is difficult, but with consistent practice, surfers can increase their stamina and find a new sense of balance and comfort on the board.

  1. Meditation
  • Tightening your focus with various forms of relaxation and meditation come in handy when trying to find balance either on the board or in the water. Embracing a relaxed, calm state eases your mind and keeps it clear for the ultimate surfing experience.

Surfing Yoga - La Forma

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