Artist of the Week: Raffaella Carbone

by Claudia Wittenberg June 09, 2016
Raffaella Carbone

Where do you find your inspiration for your art?

My inspiration comes from all the environments that surround me and often from emotion. I like to visit new places, to travel and I love the nature, which I think is my strongest inspiration. It is infinitely wonderful and has a lot of possibilities and colours.

What excites you about using clothing as a canvas for art?

I have no doubt that it is an incredible way to show a little bit about what you are, what you like and what you think.... without even opening your  mouth!

How do you work out/exercise? What do you love about it?

It depends where I am. When I'm in Brazil at my parent's house, which is in a beautiful area and in contact with the nature, with a lake, community garden, I go hiking in the morning and sometimes I work out. On weekends, when I have time, I go surfing with friends! I'm crazy about beaches, ocean, sun and sand!

When I'm in Italy I go hiking in the speedway area around fiorentina's stadium.

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Do you find any connections between your pursuits in fitness and your pursuits in your art?

For sure, actually all the areas in my life. Even when designers have to follow tendencies dictated in the fashion area, the way each one understands and externalizes their art in the draws has our own influence. Already passed through our filter, and we are made by it. The experience that we have, the places that we like to go, the foods we like to eat, the smells we feel, the situations that we live in, and of course the sports we have to practice!

What inspired you to make this piece or what is the story behind this piece?

This pattern is a mix of things that I like. It makes reference to the beaches (that I love ) and to a  little bit of Apache ikat style. The colour gradient and changes of colours refers to the nature cycle and its elements; air and water (cold),  earth and fire (warm). When I was developing this I imagined that it could be good for a summer day time, on the beach, and preferably near the water!...

What is your artistic process?

When I develop the collection by myself, I put on a good tune to maximize my creativity and everything comes easy. One of the things that i like the most, is to see an art became amazing when I do a mistake.

Do you have any upcoming shows that you would like us to promote?

Two months ago I got a call from a longtime friend proposing a work partnership. From that point we’ve started our own studio, named CarboneSternieri. We are daily creating according to the last trends on the market to supply our clients, no matter where they are from. Everyone can get in touch with us in the following pages: and .


Check out the Raffaella Carbone Collection here:

Claudia Wittenberg
Claudia Wittenberg


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